Are you?
  • Tired of using paper forms and logbooks?
  • Battling to track and fairly manage visitors and patient or ward-specific restrictions?
  • Properly screening and managing visitors in line with the latest guidelines?
  • Adapting your processes and policies as your response to the COVID-19 outbreak evolves?

Get rid of your headaches. Take control with VisitNinja, our Healthcare Visitor Management System!

  • Includes facility-level Contact Tracing reports help to identify and respond to potential COVID-19 outbreaks in real time
  • Demonstrates that patient and staff safety are of paramount importance to your organisation
  • Addresses staff concerns about safety and minimises close contact with unscreened visitors
  • Means no more paper and pens that could inadvertently spread the Coronavirus or other infectious diseases
VisitNinja is Smart
  • Real-time alerts enable precautions to be taken when risks are identified
  • VisitNinja prevents high-risk visitors from entering until they can safely do so
  • The number of visitors per patient or ward can be automatically tracked and restricted if required
  • Everyone is subjected to the same checking and verification process. No human interventions, different interpretations or lapses in attention
VisitNinja is Modular
  • COVID-19 screening questions can be updated or removed as policies change
  • Flu vaccination requirements & screening can be activated to ensure compliance with government guidelines
  • Staff screening can be included, giving you peace of mind that everyone in your facility is properly screened and managed
  • Post-visit feedback & alerts help to quickly identify, respond to, and resolve quality issues, family concerns and resident issues in real time
VisitNinja is perfect for...
  • Contractor and Supplier Screening, Management and Inductions
  • High risk wards and facilities where access needs to be limited
  • Food and Liquid Management & Risk Identification
  • Volunteer Management and Scheduling
  • Management and Screening of Long-Term Patients
  • Emergency Evacuations and Safety
  • Includes everything you need to get started. If you need a device, we’ll supply and support it. Prefer to use your own? Our web-based VisitApp is just for you
  • All you need is a plug point and access to a mobile or WiFi network. Let us take care of the rest!


Screen your visitors by asking them a series of yes/no questions to determine if they are a safety risk to your residents, staff and other visitors.


Regulations might require that your visitors sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), agree to site policies, etc. Customise the sign-in process to meet your needs.


Notify employees, managers or security when visitors enter the building. No more time consuming phone calls trying to locate team members.


No need to capture data manually from paper logs. When visitors sign in, their information is saved securely to the cloud.


Keep everyone in the building safe with real-time alerts, should an emergency evacuation be required.


Protect your visitor data and privacy in line with recent changes to worldwide privacy regulations.


We capture and store information safely and securely in line with GDPR and POPI Act requirements, so you don't have to.
How to Check In?
Why VisitNinja?
  • Say goodbye to access control headaches
  • Take control of your visitor management
  • Bid farewell to cumbersome paper logbooks and filing systems
  • Leave a warm, safe and welcoming impression with every visitor that walks through your door
Are You Ready To Be A VisitNinja?

Bring us your on-site requirements and we will work with you to create a solution.
We are always up for the challenge!