Interested in asking any question in any way you want?

Need the answers delivered to your organisation in the way you want them?

CFS’ tablet surveys are perfect for Market Research, Client or Patient Interviews, Compliance Programs, Mystery Shopping Programs, In-depth Surveys and Events. We do the work so you can do something with the data!

CFS’ turnkey Tablet Surveying Solutions include the setup, supply, and support of hardware and communications equipment, the design, development and testing of surveys and report customisation to ensure you get the information you need, presented in the way you need it.

Our solutions can be loaded onto almost any hardware platform and work on-and-offline so you can continue your work…even when you don’t have access to a mobile signal or wifi network.

  • No IT Involvement Required

    CFS’ Tablet Surveying Solutions can be implemented independent of mission critical systems and deployed within days of questions being finalised.

  • Fully Customisable

    Our tools are customisable to your specific needs and requirements and can be configured to ask almost any type of question you can think of. Let us take the pain out of your surveying program by doing the hard work for you!

  • Works when you’re Online and Offline

    We know how much effort you put into your surveys and, with CFS, you’ll never lose any data you capture. Whether you’re on or off line, your data is safe with us.

  • Near Real-Time Data Availability

    Data can be uploaded at regular intervals and provided within 24 hours of being captured.

  • Your Data is Secure

    Our closed end, point to point, secure data entry and communications Solutions means you’ll never have to worry about data “leaching” and security. With CFS, your data is secure.

  • Simple and Easy to Use

    Our solutions are designed to be used with comfort by even the most technologically unsavvy operator. Select from surveys in our Question Bank or design your own. With us, you can pick up a tablet and start surveying straight away!

  • Time, Date and Location Stamped Data

    All data collected is time, date and location stamped so you know exactly when and where you need to focus your improvement efforts.

  • We Supply the Hardware

    By partnering with CFS, you don’t run the risk of technology redundancy. We provide and maintain your tablets and upgrade authorised hardware as new features are released, saving you time and money in the long run.