We specialise in the Measurement, Analysis and Provision of Actionable Insight into “What your customers really think” about the service they receive and the products they purchase from you.

We work with clients to develop question sets and surveys that produce actionable, useful information. We ask the hard questions up front so teams know, ahead of time, how to use their data to drive change. Our flexible reporting systems mean that, no matter how or where you collect your Customer Experience and Compliance information, we bring it all together so you don’t drown in useless data!

Reports are automatically delivered via email to authorised recipients on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, enabling clients to identify and correct Customer Experience issues before they get out of hand.

Each report is customised to your specific needs to ensure decision makers get the information they need, when they need it and in the format they find most useful. By collating and cascading data throughout the management chain we ensure everyone has the information they need at their fingertips. Multiple levels of your data can be provided by CFS so Organisation wide Benchmarking is made easy and you can get as granular as you like – At CFS, we do it all for you!

Real-Time Service Alerts

We have found one of the most effective ways to drive customer and patient loyalty to new heights is to proactively identify dissatisfaction, immediately contact those people and correct the issue for them.
CFS’ Real-Time Service Alerts, delivered direct to key staff via email or SMS, will enable your teams to follow up issues within minutes of data being received.

Action Planning and Trend Reports

Action Planning and Trend Reports are designed to help managers to identify, and focus on, specific areas for improvement while celebrating successes and improvements with their teams.
Executives often receive organisation or division specific performance summaries so they can see who is doing well, and help those who may require additional support.

Root-Cause Reports

We find that Leadership Commitment is one of the keys to a truly transformative customer, staff and patient experience.


Root-Cause Reports, delivered on a monthly and quarterly basis, are designed to give leadership teams insight into the commitment of staff around experience improvement. These reports are often used to highlight areas that may require additional investments or resources to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and patient care.

Summary and Goal Setting Reports

Without a clear understanding of goals and levers for success, organisations risk losing focus and momentum during their customer excellence journey.
CFS’ dedicated account management and reporting teams work closely with Clients’ Strategic and Operational improvement teams to identify what has worked and what could be focused on as part of our Quarterly or Annual Account Management and Review Process.