CFS’ Experience Trackers are simple and easy to use feedback tools that are ideal for gathering unlimited amounts of feedback from customers, patients and staff in Real Time.

The anonymous, non-confrontational, easy to use design ensures high participation rates across all age groups and demographic segments…the Experience Tracker is our very own electronic comment card!

Experience Trackers are an ideal way to collect large volumes of quantitative data on almost anything you can think of and, by limiting the number of questions that can be asked, your teams can focus on what matters most.

  • No IT Involvement Required

    CFS’ Trackers are designed to be implemented independent of mission critical systems and can be deployed within days of questions being finalised.

  • True Plug and Play Compatibility

    All you need to get started is a power point and reliable access to a mobile phone network. The Tracker does the rest!

  • Unlimited Feedback at a Fixed Annual Cost

    Conduct as many surveys as you like for one fixed, predictable and controllable annual fee.

  • Proven Success

    Trackers can be used almost anywhere for almost anything. Contact us to see if you’re a pioneer on a new area!

  • Light, Portable and Robust

    Reliable, easy to carry and tough enough to survive most knocks.

  • 5 Questions & 5 Answers

    We know you can’t action everything at once. By carefully distilling the questions you’re asking, we enable you to focus what matters most.

  • Time, Date and Location Stamped Data

    All data collected is uniquely identified so you know exactly when and where you need to focus your improvement efforts.

  • Fully Branded and Customisable

    The Tracker’s survey interface can be completely customised to your specific needs and requirements by our in-house design team.

  • Near Real-Time Data Availability

    Data can be uploaded at regular intervals and provided within 24 hours of being entered.

  • Long Battery Life

    Trackers can be used in a variety of Fixed (Mains powered) or Portable (Battery Powered) configurations. Trackers can also be supplied with in-car chargers so you really can take them anywhere you go!