CFS range of tried and tested solutions are specifically designed to help you drive your Customer Satisfaction Levels, Retention and Loyalty to new heights… which will translate into more revenue and profit as more customers buy more from you, more often.
In order to sustain the rapid rate of growth required to satisfy today’s demanding shareholders, in an age of increasing product commoditisation, more and more retailers and financial services providers are investing heavily in customer experience improvement programs to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Take the guesswork out of what is really happening in your retail banking and store networks. With CFS you can…

  • Get to Know Your Real Customers

    Our solutions enable you to find out what your customers really think, each time they interact with your brand and your representatives.

  • Create a True Customer Service Culture

    Create and Entrench a culture of staff ownership of the Customer Experience by involving teams in the development of action plans to improve the service they deliver, each and every day.

  • Customer Service Culture

    Create, and maintain, a culture where customer service is always “top of mind”.

  • Benchmark your Performance

    Share, compare and benchmark customer experience metrics throughout your organisation through the application of a consistent, tried and tested, honest, objective research methodology across all of your customer touchpoints.

  • Shorten Operational and Strategic Decision Loops

    Regular access to information that provides a deeper understanding of what your customers really think means managers can make effective decisions “in flight”, and measure the impact of these changes dynamically, to see whether they’re on the right track.

  • Make Customer Service Visible

    Improve the visibility of your commitment to Customer Service Excellence by using our solutions wherever you interact with your clients. Partner with CFS to show customers you really do care!