More and more healthcare organisations are starting to understand that improved patient satisfaction leads to better outcomes for all stakeholders in the healthcare system.

There is an increasing body of evidence that shows that improved patient satisfaction is intrinsically linked to better quality care, improved medical outcomes, shorter recovery times, more bed availability, higher hospital efficiencies, reduced infection rates, decreased mortality and higher staff retention rates.

CFS has a wealth of experience in this field from hundreds of Healthcare Implementations in Australia and around the world. Like you, we learn from everything we do and we leverage this experience to help make each patient safety and quality management program shine!

Our unique Patient Experience Feedback System, the Patient Experience Tracker (or PET) is a key part of our healthcare solution toolkit. PETS help to collect Real Time feedback while the experience is still fresh as opposed to relying on the imperfect memories of consumers in the weeks and months after they’ve seen you.
PETS, in short, provide objective, honest, point of experience insight into patient and staff experiences at all levels and our tailor-made, fully customisable reporting tools ensures actionable data gets to the people that matter, fast!


CFS’ Patient Experience Tracker

  • High Participation and Response Rates

    PETS respect your Patients’ Time and make it easy for them to give feedback at the point of experience. PETS have been shown to yield significantly higher response rates when compared with traditional paper-based surveys or other solutions that require Patients to go out of their way to provide their feedback.

  • No IT Involvement Required

    CFS’ Trackers are designed to be implemented independent of mission critical systems and can be deployed within days of questions being finalised.

  • True Plug and Play Compatibility

    All you need to get started is a power point and reliable access to a mobile phone network. Let the Tracker do the rest!

  • Unlimited Feedback at a Fixed Annual Cost

    Conduct as many surveys as you like for one fixed, predictable and controllable annual fee.

  • Customisable, Comprehensive Reporting

    PETS generate comprehensive, customisable and frequent electronic reports that are automatically emailed to key stakeholders in your organisation.

  • Identify Issues with Service Quality or Patient Care Rapidly

    PETS enable you to quickly and easily identify potential service and quality management issues rapidly and get them under control before they get out of hand.

  • Involve Staff in the Service Improvement Process

    By involving staff at all levels of the organisation in the patient care improvement process, we show them that what they do really matters.

  • Engage Consumers in the Design of Services

    In short, by making it easy for patients to give feedback, and by showing them that what they say matters, we give patients a voice!