CFS’ Audit Angel is an easy to use, mobile, integrated Point of Care Accreditation Auditing Tool. The Angel has been developed specifically to enable Australian Healthcare Practitioners to meet National, State and Organisational Compliance and Certification Requirements quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Data is checked “at source” using CFS’ proprietary logic tools to ensure each record is validated before processing so only accurate, reliable information is provided to the right stakeholders at the right time.

No more reams of paper check sheets, never-ending excel spreadsheets and ongoing confusion about who is meant to do what with the data collected.

Go beyond “just ticking a box” and leverage your audits to make your hospital a safe, high quality environment for all with our Angels!

Want to get started quickly?
Select one of the Standards below to see whether we already have an Audit in our Angel Ecosystem for you!

Standard 1
Standard 1
Standard 2
Standard 2
Standard 3
Standard 3
Standard 4
Standard 4
Standard 5
Standard 5
Standard 6
Standard 6
Standard 7
Standard 7
Standard 8
Standard 8
Standard 9
Standard 9
Standard 10
Standard 10
  • Hand held Point of Care Auditing Solution with automated reporting.
  • Freedom from IT and technology redundancy.
  • Off the shelf Audit Tools with on the fly updates.
  • Secure, Smart data entry and Customisable Reporting.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing as part of the Audit Angel Ecosystem.
  • Obtain Insight
    Obtain organisation wide, ward and shift level insight and analysis quickly and easily. Delivered in a format you can understand.
  • Reduce Costs
    Conduct spontaneous and / or ongoing audits in a cost effective and efficient way in all wards and services all the time. The more audits you do, the more cost effective the program is!
  • Improve Efficiency
    Reduce the amount of time on manipulating data and distributing reports to your stakeholders and managers. Our Turnkey Service means we do it all for you!
  • Improve Safety and Quality
    Leverage your compliance programs to improve the safety of your patients, families and staff, by identifying problem areas before they get out of hand.
  • Increase Staff Engagement
    Get staff on side and, by sharing results quickly, help them to understand they have a significant role to play in making their wards and units safer and more efficient for everyone.
  • Benefit from CFS’ Expertise
    Lessen your anxiety around the National Standards Framework by leveraging CFS’ expertise and benefiting from the shared experiences of clients already inside the Audit Angel Ecosystem.
  • Standard 1

    Standard 1

    Governance for Safety and Quality in Health Service Organisations

    Patient Safety Bedside Audit (Multiple Standards)
    Bedside Audit (Multiple Standards)
    Vital Observations Chart Audit
    Chemotherapy Day Unit Patient Survey
    Emergency Department Consumer Study
    Staff Surveys (Hospital, Rehab and ED)
    Accreditation Practice Survey
    Environmental Audit (Including photo function)
    Nursing Workplace Satisfaction Survey
    Governance & Workforce Development Management Audit
    Hospital in the Home Audit

  • Standard 2

    Standard 2

    Partnering with Consumers

    Partnering with Consumers Survey
    Rounding Survey – Patient
    Patient Survey – Rehabilitation Service
    Patient Survey – Cancer Service
    Medical Short Stay Patient Flow Audit
    Emotional Wellbeing Screening Audit
    Patient Survey – Medical / Surgical Services
    Patient Survey – Cardiology Service
    Patient Survey – Heart Care Clinics
    AIDET Survey
    Community Services Audit
    Nutrition Audit

  • null

    Standard 3

    Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections

    Infection Prevention and Control Audit
    Hand Hygiene Australia Audit
    PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Audit
    Environmental Audit
    Hand Hygiene Snapshot Audit
    Hand Hygiene Moment 1 Audit
    IDC Infection Control Audit
    Peripheral Cannulation Infection Control Audit
    Infection Control Clinical Practice Audit
    Infection Prevention and Control Audit

  • Standard 4

    Standard 4

    Medication Safety

    Medication Administration Audit
    Medication Chart Audit
    National Inpatient Medication Chart Audit
    Medication Safety Audit
    Schedule 8 Drug Register Audit
    Medication – Schedule 8 Register Audit
    Medication Room & Systems and Processes Audit
    Drug & Alcohol Services – Take Away Audit
    Acute Pain Service Audit
    Managers Supervisors Audit
    Paediatric Medication Chart Audit
    Mental Health Services Triage Audit
    Vital Signs Audit (MEWS)
    Nursing & Midwifery Documentation Audit
    Adult admissions & Discharge Assessment Audit
    Labelling of Injectable Medicines Audit
    Common Assessment Audit Tool

  • Standard 5

    Standard 5

    Patient Identification and Procedure Matching

    Patient Identification Bands Audit
    Surgical Safety Checklist Audit
    Patient Identification Time Out Audit
    Patient Identification Time Out Audit
    Birthing Services Audit

  • Standard 6

    Standard 6

    Clinical Handover

    Clinical Handover Tool Audit
    Clinical Handover Audit

  • Standard 7

    Standard 7

    Blood and Blood Products

    Blood and Blood Products Audit – Consent
    Blood Matters Consent Audit
    Blood and Blood Products Documentation Audit
    Blood and Blood Products Patient Identification Audit
    Blood Transfusion Consent Audit
    Blood Transfusion Audit
    Transfusion Documentation Audit
    Blood Product Administration Practice Audit

  • Standard 8

    Standard 8

    Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries

    Pressure Injury Prevention Audit
    Pressure Injury Audit
    Pressure Injury Wound Management
    Falls and Pressure Injury Audit
    VTE Audit
    Adult Wound Management Audit

  • Standard 9

    Standard 9

    Recognising and Responding to Clinical Deterioration in Acute Health Care

    Care of the Dying Audit
    Carepaths Audit
    Malnutrition Audit
    RODP Audit
    Clinical Deterioration Audit
    Documentation Audit
    Vital Signs Audit
    Bedside Oxygen and Suction Equipment Audit
    Resuscitation Trolley Audit
    CRC Observation Audit

  • Standard 10

    Standard 10

    Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls

    Post Fall Assessment Audit
    Falls Prevention Audit
    Falls Risk Assessment Audit
    Falls Assessment Audit