CFS proprietary Council Experience Feedback Trackers and Market Research Solutions are specifically designed to give Customer Service Managers and Department Heads unrivalled insight into their front line service quality and staff performance.

Our proprietary Council Experience Feedback Trackers can be customised to suit your specific requirements to help you evaluate and improve service levels wherever you interact with your clients. Find out what your ratepayers really think of their Libraries and Council-run facilities, conduct long or short term surveys in Visitor and Tourist Information Centres and make it fun and easy to do snap surveys during Council Meetings and Information Days, School Visits, Business Seminars and Special Events.

With CFS you can…

  • Listen to your real customers

    CFS enables you to immediately tap into the minds of your real customers, not mystery shoppers, while the experience is fresh and they can be honest about their feelings.

  • Improve Service Quality

    Ensure front-line accountability amongst customer facing staff to ensure they deliver consistent, high-quality service.

  • Identify where to focus your efforts

    Create, and maintain, a culture where customer service is always “top of mind”.

  • Improve Efficiency

    Conduct quick, rapid snap surveys of any stakeholders, anywhere, and at any time. Reduce the amount of time on data manipulation and report distribution. Our Turnkey Service means we do it all for you!

  • Increase Staff Engagement

    Get staff on side and show them that what they do matters.