Customer Feedback Systems is the Australian partner for the Bluebird Infection Control and Antimicrobial Stewardship Suite, a 21st Century Solution that has been proven to reduce both the actual cost and the reputational risk of infections in Healthcare facilities.

From rapid diagnosis and active case management, to comprehensive standardised surveillance and advanced antimicrobial stewardship, Bluebird gives a hospital sophisticated and easy to use tools to:

  • Optimise patient safety.
  • Combat Healthcare Acquired Infections (HIA’s).
  • Reduce inappropriate antibiotic use.
  • Exceed NSQHS Standard 3 (Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections).

Bluebird’s Comprehensive Infection Control allows you to:

  • Virtualise every hospital bed so rounding is intuitive.
  • Rapidly identify at-risk patients.
  • Know (in real time) the location of targeted pathogens in your hospital.
  • Actively manage infection risks, such as device-associated or surgical site infections.
  • Measure the impact of interventions in real time.

Bluebird’s Antimicrobial Stewardship allows you to:

  • Objectively identify targeted antibiotics that require active management.
  • Trigger prospective antibiotic audits that guide point-of-care interventions.
  • Actively manage feedback to prescribers to increase patient safety and educate those prescribers.
  • View any patient’s specific drug bug susceptibility profile.

Bluebird also provides real-time monitoring and powerful management reports across large (or small) hospital groups. These granular business tools empower management to aggressively drive down patient risk, including Multiple Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs) and inappropriate antibiotic use in their hospital.